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Your brain

Optimize your brain chemistry to maximize focus and productivity, while feeling amazing.

Flow state

Hack the flow state to double your learning speed and multiply your learning speed.


Master the optimal learning strategies. Implement the highest levels of thinking to enhance your learning speed.


Learn the best study techniques to double your recall. Never waste your time on bad techniques again!


Optimize every aspect of your lifestyle to set your brain up for maximal learning and productivity.

speed reading

Use our 30 day speed reading program to double your reading speed!

Join the Top 1% Fastest Learners

This course is about approaching your learning processes in the most efficient way. You will learn about what science determines to be the most efficient study techniques and the optimal strategies for your learning. You will learn to optimize your brain chemistry and how to consistently access the peak-performance stated called flow. This is where time stands still and you will immensely enhance your productive and learning speed. We cover learning from a scientific perspective.

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About us

Mathias Grønstad

M.Sc. Physics
My academic background is M. Sc. physics, and I’ve got experience from teaching it at university. I currently work as an engineer in Norway.I’m passionate about learning new things, which makes Udemy my favorite playground.

Vegard Gjerde

M.Sc. Physics
My academic background is M.Sc. in Nuclear physics. I’ve got experience from teaching at university as well as primary school. I’m passionate about learning new things and love helping others reach their potential.


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